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14 December 2023


In brief

  • We see a few geopolitical risks abound in 2024 as 57% of the world’s GDP hold pivotal elections in 2024.
  • We hold a long-term bearish view on the local currency. However, we expect relative stability with some bout of volatility amid tight control of the local currency.
  • Local Investors can find value opportunities in alternatives; we prefer to be picky in our search for opportunities in the real sector.
  • Interest rates will remain elevated on the primary market in Q1 and Q2 despite cooling inflation.
  • FED hiking cycle likely to have come to an end; rates expected to come off on US Treasuries. Geopolitics will be a key driver in shaping global markets.
  • What to do with so much cash amid limited investment opportunities will require some out-of-the-box thinking from us – we are up to the challenge and ready to explore newer innovative opportunities




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