Wealth management

24 November 2022

How to meet rising current expenditure while investing long-term

Many investors are aware of the benefits that come with investing with a long-term focus. If you are able to leave funds in a well-designed and competently managed portfolio for several years, it is likely that you will enjoy superior returns compared to an investment which you are continuously entering into and exiting.

However, the problem with long-term savings is that many people do not have the resources to leave funds untouched for many years. Living expenses and occasional emergencies require that may make periodic unexpected withdrawals from their supposed long-term investment account thus hurting their ability to generate the maximum returns on their investments.

The solution to this problem would be for an investor to build up a cash balance that serves as a source of funds to tackle emergencies while preserving your funds in your long-term investment. That is easier said than done. Given the difficult economic times we are in, people hardly have money left over after settling their living expenses. And if one even left cash in a savings account, the rising cost of living would quickly reduce the purchasing power of the cash.

A solution to this problem would be an investment vehicle that generates competitive returns while also being liquid enough to allow investors to withdraw their funds on short notice for emergencies. Such an investment will allow customers to build up a cash buffer through regular scheduled deposits, amass a significant cash balance that can then be deployed to a long-term portfolio, and gain protection from inflation due to the competitive returns on the portfolio.

The IC Liquidity Fund is exactly the type of fund needed to provide such a service to investors. It is a money market mutual fund that is committed to providing investors with their money within 1 working day after requesting it. The IC Liquidity Fund is also designed to maximise short-term returns in order to protect investors against the loss in their purchasing power that results from leaving your cash in savings account.

The fund offers easy ways for customers to deposit, withdraw and check their balance online and without visiting an  office if that is not convenient. You can sign up through the website talk to an IC representative  on +233 (0)308250051, or email clientservice@ic.africa. Our team of experienced investment professionals will get you started in building your cash buffer.

Thank you for reading.